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10th anniversary of the SGM Group was marked by contest of children's drawings organized by STROYGAZMONTAZH
A contest of children's drawings “The SGM Family: We Build the Future”, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the formation of the SGM Group took place in STROYGAZMONTAZH.

All companies of the SGM Group took part in the contest. The Department for External Relations of LLC "SGM" received 118 works from children of different ages from 38 cities and settlements of Russia. The drawings were evaluated in three age categories: from 4 to 6 years old, from 7 to 11 and from 12 to 14. Having analyzed all the works of the participants and recognized their talent, the jury decided to increase the number of prize places, as well as to create new nominations.
And the winners of the children's drawing contest “The SGM Family: We Build the Future” are:

In the category of 4-6 y.o. children:
1st place – Sofia Zinkova, 6 y.o. (JSC “LGSS”)
2nd place – Kristina Vakhrusheva, 6 y.o. (LLC "SCC "Gazregion")
2nd place – Svetlana Yegorova, 6 y.o. (LCC “SGM”)
3rd place – Egor Kaydalov, 5 y.o. (LCC “SGM”)
3rd place – Elizaveta Churakova, 6 y.o. (JSC “LGSS”)
In special nominations:
Creativity Award – Maria Markina, 4 y.o.  (LLC "SGM")
Jury’s Choice Award – Veronika Stepanova, 5 y.o. (LLC "SGM")
In the category of 7-11 y.o. children:
1st place – Ekaterina Dolzhikova, 7 y.o.  (LLC "SGM")
2nd place – Andrian Batin, 10 y.o.  (LLC "SCC "Gazregion")
3rd place – Amir Sahibgareev, 7 y.o.  (LLC "SGM")
In special nominations:
Genius of Creative Thought – Polina Kravtsova, 10 y.o. (LLC "SGM")
Ideal Image of the Company – Ekaterina Denschik, 7 y.o. (LLC "SCC "Gazregion")
True Artistic Image – Vyacheslav Kireev, 11 y.o. (JSC "Volgogaz")

In the category of 12-14 y.o. children:
1st place – Alina Rybakova, 14 y.o.  (LLC "SGM")
2nd place – Ilya Kachalin, 14 y.o. (LLC "SGM")
3rd place – Daria Nikandrova, y.o. (LLC "SGM")
In special nominations:
Original Design – Arina Muratovich, 14 y.o. (LLC "SGM")
Flight of Fantasy – Alexandra Kukushkina, 14 y.o.  (LLC “NGKM”)
Thorough Development of the Theme – Anastasia Shushko, 12 y.o. (JSC "KGS")

On June 1, 2018, the winners and participants of the contest were invited to the award ceremony to the central office of LLC “SGM”. A holiday with animators, shows and a tea party was organized for children. Each participant received a diploma and a recognition gift, and the winners were awarded valuable prizes: bicycles, scooters, gadgets, self-balancing scooter, art sets and Lego construction sets. The event also featured an exhibition of works by all the finalists. Later, the drawings of all the participants of the contest will decorate the walls of the central office of the SGM.
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