Construction continues in Novy Urengoy
In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, STROYGAZMONTAZH is building the Urengoyskaya oil pumping s...
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SCC “Gazregion” – contractor of STROYGAZMONTAZH – completed the main types of construction and assembly works (welding, insulating, laying, backfilling) at stage 2.8 of the Power of Siberia main gas pipeline.
The first stage of reconstruction of CS-3 Krasnoarmeyskaya has been completed. The customer is Gazprom tsentrremont, the general contractor is STROYGAZMONTAZH, and the subcontractor is SMU No. 36. Reconstruction of the compressor station is carried out in four stages (start-up facilities).
Corporate Lawyer magazine and Action-MCFER media group finalized results of the Best Legal Departments competition. And the Legal Department of STROYGAZMONTAZH is one of the three best legal departments in the field of construction and development.
SGM group has completed construction and installation works on the sections of Phase 1 of the “Ukhta – Torzhok – 2 main gas pipeline, 1678 km - 1767.8 km, 1767.8 km - 1851.8 km, 1970.8 km – 2076 km”. Gas-in has already been launched on the last two sections and at the first section gas-in is scheduled for December.
The construction of the Zeyskaya compressor station began on the Power of Siberia main gas pipeline. The customer of this project is Gazprom transgaz Tomsk, the general contractor is STROYGAZMONTAZH and the contractor is SCC Gazregion.
SGM group of companies completed construction and installation works on the gas pipeline-branch and gas distribution station in the city of Slobodskoy, the Kirov region. The Customer of the facility is OOO Gazprom invest, the general contractor is LLC STROYGAZMONTAZH and the contractor is JSC Volgogaz.
STROYGAZMONTAZH participated in the 7th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, which took place in EXPOFORUM Convention & Exhibition Centre. Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee Vitaly Markelov launched the solemn ceremony.
RBC Media Group has published the RBC - 500 Top Russian Companies rating. Only key Russian players from different sectors of economy took part in the evaluation.
Somewhere near million and a half young sturgeons were released into the Don River within aquatic biological resources rehabilitation plan.
The release was requested by SSK Gazregion, the member of SGM Group, which has completed the Krasnodar Territory – the Crimea trunk gas pipeline construction in 2016.
On August 13, 2017 (the Builders Day), the promotional campaign #ThankstoBuilders held in the Artek International Children’s Centre. Artek’s children and staff expressed their gratitude to such important and challenging profession as builders.
Children have prepared special videos and shared them in social networks, where everyone could see the renovated Artek’s facilities. That was the way the children were expressing their gratitude for the renovation of their camp of choice. Now, thanks to the builders, the Camp has up-to-date accommodation blocks, the historical value of the place has been preserved.
STROYGAZMONTAZH was acting as the General Contractor to install some extra gas air-cooler units at the world most powerful compressor station, the Portovaya (366 MW). The works were conducted by the subcontracting company, Lengazspetsstroy, which is the member of the SGM Group.
During the solemn ceremony dedicated to the laying of the first foundation of the Amur gas processing plant, where the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Chairman of Gazprom's Management Committee Alexey Miller were taking part, the video conference was held with builders of the Power of Siberia trunk gas pipeline. Live broadcast was arranged at the pipe section, where STROYGAZMONTAZH is the General Contractor.
The President of the RF Vladimir Putin has paid a visit to the Artek International Children’s Centre and announced the opening of the new shift dedicated to Samantha Smith, an American schoolgirl.
The President has checked the way of Artek’s modernization by SGM Group, in particular, the progress of the Solnechny camp construction. During an excursion around the Artek Vladimir Putin was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov and Presidential Aide Andrei Fursenko.
The Artek-Arena, up-to-date entertainment center, was constructed by SGM Group for the purposes of Artek International Summer Camp. It is designed for 4.5 thousand seats.

The Artek-Arena is the largest campfire center for kids with the area of 3.9km2. Some 3.3 thousand kids from nine camps as well as camp leaders, managers and special guests were invited to celebrate the 92th anniversary of the Artek.
Three more buildings – The Tulip, The May Lily, The Water Lily – were put into operation in the Artek International Summer Camp. Nice, bright and comfortable 4-storey buildings for camp leaders were constructed in Pribrezhny campus, which comprises Ozerny, Rechnoy, Polevoy and Lesnoy camps.
The IVth All-Russian Contest «Best Young Oil and Gas Professional» has been held on May 18-21, 2017 in Krasnodar. The organizer of the annual contest is Charitable Fund named after Andrey Andreev, which supports the contest along with the Noncommercial partnership «Self-regulating organization «Association of oil & gas complex builders» (SRO AGOC), Krasnodargazstroy and STROYGAZMONTAZH.
Expert RA Rating Agency (RAEX) has revised STROYGAZMONTAZH non-financial company’s rating using new methodology and assigned ‘ruBBB+’ level of creditworthiness (the same as previous ‘A+(III)’ level), stable outlook. Earlier it had ‘A+(III)’ level, stable outlook.
Technical underwater works at the main line of the Gilyuy-2 river crossing within the Power of Siberia gas pipeline have been completed. The length of work area is approximately 400 meters. The Owner of the works is Gazprom transgaz Tomsk, LLC; the General Contractor is STROYGAZMONTAZH; the Building contractor is Podvodtruboprovodstroy, LLC.
The IVth All-Russian Contest «Best Young Oil and Gas Professional» will be held on May 18-21, 2017 in the premises of Krasnodargazstroy. The organizer of the contest is Charitable Fund named after Andrey Andreev, which supports the contest along with the Noncommercial partnership «Self-regulating organization «Association of oil & gas complex builders» and STROYGAZMONTAZH.
Temporary bi-directional checkpoint at the Russian-Chinese border and closed security zone were constructed by SGM Group within the Power of Siberia gas pipeline project – the largest Russian gas transportation facility under construction.