Construction continues in Novy Urengoy
In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, STROYGAZMONTAZH is building the Urengoyskaya oil pumping s...
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LLC «STROYGAZMONTAZH» has started the construction and installation works on Pisarevka-Anapa mountain section, km 817.0 – a shutdown valve of Russkaya CS of the South Stream gas pipeline.
JSC «GAZPROM» announced the results of an open tender for the performance of installation and construction works as related to facilities of South European Gas Pipeline. "Pochinki – Anapa", km 0 – km 181 portion and South European Gas Pipeline. "Pochinki – Anapa", km 181 – km 295.7 portion within UGSS Expansion for Provision of Gas Delivery into Southern Corridor Gas Pipeline for Gazprom invest LLC construction project.
In May 2014 JSC «Lengazspetsstroy», being the part of SGM Group, once again demonstrated the compliance of its Environmental Management System, as applicable to performance of General Contractor obligations, construction works, buildings and facilities overhaul, including within oil and gas industry as well, to the statements of ISO 14001-2007 Environmental Management System – Requirements with guidance for use.
The first annual contest of professional skills called «The Best Young Specialist of Oil and Gas Industry» took place since 15 until 17 of May in the building of JSC «Krasnodargazstroy» in Krasnodar.
LLC «STROYGAZMONTAZH» has completed the installation of three turbo modules and gas pumping units (GPU) in Compressor shop-2 (CS-2) on the Baydaratskaya CS.
LLC «STROYGAZMONTAZH» has completed the construction of two crossings on Izobilnoye-Nevinnomysk trunk gas pipeline. The longest crossing is 1,143 m and the second is 869 m. The crossings were performed by microtunneling method. The depth of microtunnels is from 10 to 20 m.
LLC «STROYGAZMONTAZH» started the installation of gas pumping units on Korenovskaya CS within the project «Expansion of Unified Gas Supply System for Gas Provision to South Stream Gas Pipeline» according to the order of Gazprom Invest LLC.
There was an awarding ceremony of the winners of «Best Managers and Organizations of 2013» regional contest which was held in a building of the Regional Administration on April 22nd.
Last week JSC «Volgogradneftemash», which is a part of LLC «SGM» Group witnessed the working visit of Valery Golubev, OAO Gazprom’s Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee and JSC «Volgogradneftemash»’s Chairman of the Board of Directors and Andrey Bocharov, temporarily in charge of the Volgograd Region Governor.
«Latest Engineering Solutions in Gas Industry. Prospects for Implementation» Russian National Forum has been taken place on 17–18 of April in Moscow, being hosted by «New technologies of gas industry» Equipment Manufacturers Association.
The construction and installation works were finished and pipelines were put into operation on Intinskaya, Novoprivodinskaya and Novoyubileynaya compressor stations built by LLC «STROYGAZMONTAZH».
According to CJSC Gazprom invest Yug the bid of LLC «STROYGAZMONTAZH» was recognized by the tender commission as the best one and gave it the right to conclude General Contractor Agreement for the performance of installation and construction works on the facilities of UGSF Sovkhoznoe Revamping construction project. The customer of the project is CJSC Gazprom invest Yug.
OAO Gazprom summed up the results of the open invitation to tender to perform the construction and installation works in relation to the following projects – South European Gas Pipeline, Pisarevka – Anapa Section, km 768.5 – km 817 and Pochinki – Anapa Section, km 1,570.5 – km 1,619 as a part of Expansion of Unified Gas Supply System for Gas Provision to the South Stream Gas Pipeline.
JSC «Volgogradneftemash», which is a part of SGM Group, put a new line for lost foam casting into operation.
According to the results of Gazprom’s open invitation to tender LLC «STROYGAZMONTAZH» is announced to be a winner to perform the construction and installation works on the facilities for natural gas liquids (NLG) processing in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.
SGM Group of companies pleased to congratulate JSC «Krasnodargazstroy», which is one of the leading companies in the Group, on its 35th anniversary!
LLC «STROYGAZMONTAZH» has completed construction and installation works on Novosindorskaya CS, Novoprivodinskaya CS and Novoyubileynaya CS (1st string) as a part of the Ukhta – Torzhok trunk gas pipeline system.
JSC «Krasnodargazstroy», a part of SGM Group of Companies, announced about the Annual All-Russian Contest for «The Best Young Specialist» and the prize named after Andrey Andreev.
LLC «STROYGAZMONTAZH» has completed main construction and installation works of the Compressor shop No.1 on Intinskaya CS-6.
The Environmental Management System of LLC «STROYGAZMONTAZH» has been successfully certified by auditors for the compliance with ISO 14001:2004, International Standard.