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Artek children congratulated on the Builder's Day!
International Children's Camp Artek congratulated all involved in the construction industry on their professional holiday – the Builder's Day! On August 10, in honor of the Builder's Day, the first "children's" presentation of the new camp Solnechny was held in Artek.

The builders of the companies Stroygazmontazh and Gazregion showed the Artek children the new living quarters, which are being prepared for commissioning in 2019. Among other things the children were shown project designs of the camp Solnechny under construction and were allowed to look around the exemplar rooms where children could assess the living conditions, the furniture of the rooms and, of course, unique views from the windows, which will be enjoyed by each of the 1,000 children vacationing in Solnechny.

During the presentation for children, the builders working on the site gave master classes to the Artek children in various construction specialties: they showed the work of the concrete mixer, the process of interior finishing and laying the tiles, the work of the construction crane. The tour was conducted in full compliance with safety requirements - children especially liked helmets, which were required for wearing when they were approaching the site.
In the same place, near the construction site of the camp Solnechny, there was an Artek concert in honor of the builders, which the children organized themselves. Almost right at their workplace, builders received creative congratulations and memorable gifts from the Artek children.

"Congratulation of builders in Artek has become our annual tradition. Why? Children really like how their rooms are set up, how dining and sports facilities look like; they see the scale of the work on the Solnechny site. The kids see tremendous work and at the same time the results of this work. All this encourages them to take a new look at the profession of the builder, they understand that when building for ages, builders, as in the parable of masons, create the future," – said Alexei Kasprzhak, director of Artek, on the eve of the professional holiday of builders.

He added that the builders not only provided the base for the re-building of Artek, but became also co-authors of the unique Artek educational environment that they created together with the teachers: "Designing spaces for joint work of the pupil and the teacher, for group activities, for creative work - all these were done by builders. Suffice it to recall Artek Arena and lounge zones on the roofs of residential buildings, and ahead is a unique  camp Solnechny with non-standard educational premises and a large embankment of Artek - all this creates an environment in which the child's personality grows."

Looking back, from 2014 more than 280 thousand square meters of various areas were re-built in Artek, including 96.5 thousand square meters in 9 camps, 23 km of roads, 21.5 km of utility networks, 6 cafeterias, 15 sports grounds and 3 tennis courts, a sports center with two swimming pools, a medical building, 7 campfires, 3 embankments and technical rooms. A modern climbing wall and a rope park were put into operation, as well as a center for additional education with an area of 6 thousand square meters. Artek Arena was built with a capacity of 4,500 people and the area of 3.9 thousand square meters.

In 2017 the construction of the new camp Solnechny with a total site area of about 6 hectares and an area of 41 370 square meters of buildings started in Artek. The camp is a unique project due to the construction technologies used and its scale: it is designed for simultaneous vacationing of 1,000 children. With the opening of the Solnechny complex, Artek will receive 5,000 children per shift and more than 50,000 children per year. The general contractor and the general designer of the construction is Stroygazmontazh. The contractor is SCC “Gazregion”.

Congratulation of Alexey Kasprzhak, Director of Artek, on the Builder’s Day:
Dear Friends!

In the history of human civilization, only three professions received unconditional respect: a doctor, a teacher and a builder. In any part of the world you will be told that people of these professions are changing the world for the better by transforming a person and our habitat.

For several years now we have been creating the world's best children's center side by side with you. And today I address you on behalf of the entire Artek team with words of gratitude for your work.

First of all, I am sending you "thanks" from the Artek children. The guys really like how the rooms are set up, how dining and sports facilities look like, how well our territory and beaches are arranged. Large-scale works are being carried out on the Solnechny site right before their eyes, and thus the children see not only the tremendous work of builders, but also visibly realize its results. This makes Artek children to take a new look at the profession of the builder: they understand that building unique facilities, builders, as in the parable of masons, create the future!

Our employees are sincerely grateful for your love and respect for our alma mater. By creating the modern Artek, you managed to keep its spirit and traditions, to connect them with aspiration forward. It is important that you not only provided the base for the re-building of Artek, but also became co-authors of a unique educational environment. Designing spaces for joint work of the pupil and the teacher, for group activities, for creative work - you, builders, did all this together with the teachers.

This means that your contribution to Artek is not only square meters built, it is a part of your soul that you gave Artek and each and every child. Since 2014, more than 100,000 Artek children from different parts of Russia and 68 countries have gone home with the words #СпасибоСтроителям (#BuildersThankyou)!

Happy professional holiday to you!
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