SGM handed over 20 tons of Crimean lime stone
STROYGAZMONTAZH, the general contractor of the National Cultural Heritage Foundation for the constru...
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Chusovoy-Berezniki-Solikamsk gas pipeline testing has started
«STROYGAZMONTAZH» has started a pneumatic testing of the Chusovoy-Berezniki-Solikamsk gas pipeline lateral (1st string) under construction, on the «km 131 — km 160» portion.

The reconstruction of the Chusovoy-Berezniki-Solikamsk gas pipeline lateral of the L. Tura-Chusovoy-Perm trunk gas pipeline (1st and 2nd startup complex) is performed for the needs of LLC «Gazprom Tsentrremont» by such contractors as LLC «SGM» and «SU No.2» (OJSC).

Installation and construction works are scheduled to be completed at the end of 2014. First startup complex covers 180-km gas pipeline construction, as well underwater crossings construction over the Vilva, Usva, Kosva and Yayva rivers.

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