SGM handed over 20 tons of Crimean lime stone
STROYGAZMONTAZH, the general contractor of the National Cultural Heritage Foundation for the constru...
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Extra gas air-cooler units were installed at the Portovaya CS
STROYGAZMONTAZH was acting as the General Contractor to install some extra gas air-cooler units at the world most powerful compressor station, the Portovaya (366 MW). The works were conducted by the subcontracting company, Lengazspetsstroy, which is the member of the SGM Group.

Thus, 36 gas air-cooler units were installed at the site near the Vyborg City; the relevant substation was installed for energy supply; cabling, water supply and sewage networks were installed as well.

Process pipelines and gas air-cooler units were hydro-tested. Presently, land improvements are in progress.
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