Construction continues in Novy Urengoy
In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, STROYGAZMONTAZH is building the Urengoyskaya oil pumping s...
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Installation of gas pumping units began at Slavyanskaya CS
Installation of gas pumping units began at the site of the Slavyanskaya compressor station. The compressor station is being constructed as part of the Gas Transmission Capacity Development of the UGSS of the North-West Region, Gryazovets – Slavyanskaya CS section.

The customer of the projects is Gazprom invest, the general contractor is STROYGAZMONTAZH and the contractor is Lengazspetsstroy.
In total, eleven GPU-32 Ladoga will operate in the compressor station, thus, the total capacity of the compressor station will be 352 MW. Slavyanskaya should become one of the most powerful compressor stations in the world.

To date, a large-block heavy equipment for six GPUs (Nos. 1 - 6) has been mounted on the facility, including a natural gas blower, a gas turbine installation, and an auxiliary device frame.

The installation of heat exchanger sections for air-gas cooling unit and pipe spools for gas supply and removal is also completed.

Pipe products began to arrive at the Slavyanskaya CS for the installation of intra-shop technological communications; in parallel with trenching and installation of foundations, work is under way on site assembly of pipeline nodes.

A total of 1650 people and 314 units of equipment are involved at the facility. Construction is carried out ahead of schedule.
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