Construction continues in Novy Urengoy
In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, STROYGAZMONTAZH is building the Urengoyskaya oil pumping s...
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Reconstruction of the Maykopskaya compressor station is being completed
STROYGAZMONTAZH completed the main construction and installation work for reconstruction of the Maykopskaya compressor station in the Republic of Adygea. Reconstruction was carried out by order of Gazprom Tsentrremont, with Krasnodargazstroy as a contractor.

The Maykopskaya compressor station was built 45 years ago and has already reached the end of its service life. However, as the work of this CS is of great importance for the gas supply of the Krasnodar Territory, Adygea, Stavropol and hard-to-reach districts of Sochi, five main gas pipelines pass through it and gas is pumped into the Krasnodar UGSF, the reconstruction had to be carried out step-by-step and on a tight schedule.

A new workshop was built next to the old one, 18 old gas-powered compressors were replaced by 4 GPUs with gas turbine drive, and then the workers dismantled the old workshop. There were about 200 people and several dozen units of equipment at the facility.

As of today, hydraulic testing has been successfully carried out at the Maykopskaya CS and work on the improvement of the territory is under way: construction of intrasite roads and sites with a tile coating is being completed.

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