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The unit installation is completed on Bubnovka CS and Ekaterinovka CS
LLC «STROYGAZMONTAZH» as a general contractor of OAO Gazprom, has completed the large-block installation of gas pulping units on Bubnovka compressor station in the Volgograd Region and on Ekaterinovka compressor station in the Saratov Region.

Six gas pumping units were mounted on Bubnovka CS and four gas pumping units were mounted on Ekaterinovka CS.

The stations are building within the framework of Reconstruction of Gas Pipeline Urengoi-Novopskov project on the Petrovsk-Pisarevka section and are to be completed by the beginning of gas supply via the South Stream pipeline for the needs of Gazprom Tsentrremont LLC.

The aggregate capacity of the Bubnovka CS amounts to 96 MW — six Volga gas pumping units of 16 MW each. The aggregate capacity of the Ekaterinovka CS accounts for 64 MW — four Volga gas pumping units of 16 MW each.

LLC «SSK «Gazregion» is a contractor of LLC «STROYGAZMONTAZH» to construct Bubnovka CS and LLC «Neftegazkomplektmontazh» is a contractor of LLC «STROYGAZMONTAZH» to build Ekaterinovka CS. The construction and installation works on both stations are scheduled to be completed by December 2014.

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