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Photo Reports

SGM handed over 20 tons of Crimean lime stone
May 2019
STROYGAZMONTAZH, the general contractor of the National Cultural Heritage Foundation for the construction of the museum and theatrical and educational complex in Sevastopol, handed over 20 tons of Krymbalsky (Crimean lime stone) and Alminsky stones to the Sevastopol Military Historical Museum and Preserve. ...>
Zeya CS
April 2019
STROYGAZMONTAZH is completing the construction of the Zeyskaya compressor station and line operation head office (LPU) No. 5 near the town of Svobodny in the Amur Region. ...>
GIS in Blagoveshchensk
April 2019
STROYGAZMONTAZH is completing the construction of a gas measuring station (GIS) in the area of Blagoveshchensk. It is designed to measure the quality and volume of gas exported to the P.R. China through the Power of Siberia gas pipeline. ...>
March 2019
High quality construction is one of the priorities of the SGM Group of Companies. Recently, the Transcan complex was introduced in the subsidiary company, Lengazspetsstroy, which allows online monitoring of the quality of welded joints. ...>
On the construction of the North-European gas pipeline
February 2019
In the Leningrad Region, the SGM Group of Companies is building more than 300 km of the line section of the gas pipeline within the project for the Development of Gas Transmission Capacities of the UGSS of the North-West Region. ...>
Slavyanskaya compressor station
January 2019
In the Leningrad Region, the SGM Group continues to build the Slavyanskaya compressor station. The facility is being built at a very high rate. The contractors are LGSS and NGKM. ...>
Construction continues in Novy Urengoy
October 2018
In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, STROYGAZMONTAZH is building the Urengoyskaya oil pumping station (OPS), the delivery point (ATU) and the Urengoy-Pur-Pe oil condensate pipeline. ...>
Gas Forum 2018
October 2018
STROYGAZMONTAZH took part in the 8th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum ...>
Slavyanskaya CS
September 2018
Installation of gas pumping units began at the site of the Slavyanskaya compressor station. The compressor station is being constructed as part of the Gas Transmission Capacity Development of the UGSS of the North-West Region, Gryazovets – Slavyanskaya CS section. ...>
At the Kovykta gas condensate field
August 2018
In the Zhigalovsky district of the Irkutsk region STROYGAZMONTAZH continues work on the development of the Kovykta gas condensate field, the largest in the Eastern Siberia for gas reserves. ...>
July 2018
In the Dobryanskiy district of the Perm Krai, Volgogaz is working on the construction of an inter-settlement gas pipeline to the village of Vilva, where a reinforced polyethylene pipe of the new generation Anakonda is used for the first time in the practice of the SGM Group. ...>
The First Corporate Sports Day
July 2018
2018 is the jubilee year for the SGM Group, the parent company of which is STROYGAZMONTAZH. The 10th anniversary of the Group was timed to coincide with the First Corporate STROYGAZMONTAZH Sports Day, which was held on June 29 in Moscow at the stadium "Yantar". ...>
Release of fish
June 2018
In the Myrninsky district of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), employees of the SGM Group participated in the release of more than six million fish larvae of the peled from the whitefish family in the Aniakh creek of the Vilyuisk water reservoir. ...>
Children's drawings contest
June 2018
A contest of children's drawings “The SGM Family: We Build the Future”, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the formation of the SGM Group took place in STROYGAZMONTAZH. ...>
Pulling under Chulman River completed
May 2018
The pulling of the main string of the Power of Siberia trunk gas pipeline under the Chulman River has been completed. ...>
Portovaya CS
October 2017
SGM group of companies has successfully completed installation of an additional air cooling unit (ACU) of gas at the Portovaya compressor station. ...>
Fish released into the Don River
September 2017
Somewhere near million and a half young sturgeons were released into the Don River within aquatic biological resources rehabilitation plan. ...>
Video Linkup at the Pipeline
August 2017
During the solemn ceremony dedicated to the laying of the first foundation of the Amur gas processing plant, where the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Chairman of Gazprom's Management Committee Alexey Miller were taking part, the video conference was held with builders of the Power of Siberia trunk gas pipeline. ...>
Artek-Arena is ready
June 2017
The Artek-Arena, up-to-date entertainment center, was constructed by SGM Group for the purposes of Artek International Summer Camp. It is designed for 4.5 thousand seats. ...>
Three more buildings were constructed in Artek
June 2017
Three more buildings – The Tulip, The May Lily, The Water Lily – were put into operation in the Artek International Summer Camp. ...>