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Photo Reports

Pulling under Chulman River completed
May 2018
The pulling of the main string of the Power of Siberia trunk gas pipeline under the Chulman River has been completed. ...>
Portovaya CS
October 2017
SGM group of companies has successfully completed installation of an additional air cooling unit (ACU) of gas at the Portovaya compressor station. ...>
Fish released into the Don River
September 2017
Somewhere near million and a half young sturgeons were released into the Don River within aquatic biological resources rehabilitation plan. ...>
Video Linkup at the Pipeline
August 2017
During the solemn ceremony dedicated to the laying of the first foundation of the Amur gas processing plant, where the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Chairman of Gazprom's Management Committee Alexey Miller were taking part, the video conference was held with builders of the Power of Siberia trunk gas pipeline. ...>
Artek-Arena is ready
June 2017
The Artek-Arena, up-to-date entertainment center, was constructed by SGM Group for the purposes of Artek International Summer Camp. It is designed for 4.5 thousand seats. ...>
Three more buildings were constructed in Artek
June 2017
Three more buildings – The Tulip, The May Lily, The Water Lily – were put into operation in the Artek International Summer Camp. ...>
The IVth All-Russian Contest
May 2017
The IVth All-Russian Contest «Best Young Oil and Gas Professional» has been held on May 18-21, 2017 in Krasnodar. ...>
SGM has constructed a temporary checkpoint for the Power of Siberia
March 2017
Temporary bi-directional checkpoint at the Russian-Chinese border and closed security zone were constructed by SGM Group within the Power of Siberia gas pipeline project – the largest Russian gas transportation facility under construction. ...>
Gas to Crimea
February 2017
Launch of the Krasnodar Territory – Crimea gas pipeline ...>
The Northernmost Station
February 2017
Construction of the northernmost Baydaratskaya CS has been completed ...>
At the Punginskoye UGS
November 2016
Punginskoye UGS facility’s first start-up phase was completed. ...>
The Memorandum of understanding was signed
October 2016
A Memorandum of understanding between PAO Gazprom and the largest construction companies was signed during the 6th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, which was held in St. Petersburg. ...>
75th Anniversary
September 2016
Volgogradneftemash JSC, the leader of the Russian mechanical engineering industry, has marked its 75th anniversary! Different festivities were organized to celebrate this event with involvement of corporate best specialists and war veterans, which at the beginning helped to develop the company. ...>
First joint
September 2016
STROYGAZMONTAZH will construct a lateral gas pipeline and gas distribution station (GDS) for the cities of the Vologda region such as Kirillov, Belozersk, Lipin Bor, Vytegra, as well as for Pudozh, which belongs to the Republic of Karelia. ...>
Bovanenkovo – Ukhta
September 2016
STROYGAZMONTAZH has completed the installation and construction works related to the Bovanenkovo – Ukhta Trunk Gas Pipeline System – 2nd String Project.
New Achievement
August 2016
Volgogradneftemash held a special meeting devoted to the start of shipment of the large equipment produced in Russia for the first time. The order of Gazprom Neft placed with Volgograd’s plant within import substitution program covered a manufacture and delivery of powerful coking unit, oversized columns and high pressure heat exchangers with Breech Lock closure to Moscow and Omsk refineries. ...>
Northern Giant
May 2016
SGM Group erects three important facilities on the territory of Urengoy oil-gas-condensate field, the largest one in the world. These facilities comprise condensate pre-transportation preparation plant (CPTPP), Urengoyskaya booster station and condensate stabilization unit for Achimov deposits of Nadym-Pur-Taz region. It’s expected to complete expansion of CPTPP (II stage of construction) this year. Following commissioning of the plant, the volume of processed condensate to be feed into Urengoy – Surgut pipeline will be increased 1.7 times (from 7 to 12 mln. t/year). Thus enabling a secure implementation of Gazprom’s program in the part of Western Siberia hydrocarbons production and processing. ...>
For the Main Granary of the Country
April 2016
The cross-country gas pipeline located in the Krasnodar Territory is constructed by SGM Group. This project intends to increase gas supplies to the Southwest regions of the main Russian granary. The pipeline starts at one string of the Southern Corridor just outside Anapa and runs to the western shore of the Taman Peninsula. The total length of the pipeline is 106 km, eighty kilometers of which are to be constructed by SCC Gazregion. ...>
In the center of the Yugra
March 2016
First start-up complex within the Punginskoye Underground Gas Storage Facility Expansion Project is going to be completed by STROYGAZMONTAZH in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region. The works have been started in 2014, thus it took two years to construct new technological complex of federal importance between Malaya Sosva river and Punga river. After alterations the active capacity of the gas storage facility will become 3.5 billion cubic meters (previous value was 2.5 billion cubic meters) and up to 5.0 billion cubic meters if taking into account the long-term reserves. Two out of four GPUs of 32 MW (total capacity) and three production facilities will be commissioned within 1st start-up complex. Moreover, the hook up of 12 new wells will be performed. ...>
Gained Independence
February 2016
The major alterations and renovation of the Georgievsk compressor station, which is the part of the North Caucasus – Center gas pipeline system within Privolnoye – Mozdok section, have been completed by STROYGAZMONTAZH. The Customer of the project is Gazprom Tsentrremont LLC. The capacity of the Georgievsk CS before modification was 37.8 MW. After the works were completed by SGM the capacity became twice the value, i.e. 76 MW. Renovated Georgievsk CS enables to ensure transportation of additional 40 mln cubic meters of gas per day to the Chechen Republic and Republic of Dagestan. This fact eliminates their dependency on gas of the Central Asia. ...>